Hongfa spares no effort to create a positive environment, stimulate the motivation and creativity of everyone in Hongfa. Hongfa people fully recognise the core value that the company is seeking benefit for everyone as well as for the society and shareholders, and are willing to grow together with the company.

Honesty, ethics, respect, and commitment.
Hongfa is building a team of devoting and ambitious people based on its company culture featuring standard systems, systematic training, advanced concepts and outstanding role models. This unique culture leads to strong cohesion within the company. With it being the foundation, Hongfa people are guided to combine their personal ambitions with the development of the company as well as the national industry and to realize self value by realizing company strategic goals.


  Hongfa spirit
  Persevere for progress; Strive for excellence
  Core values
  Promoting teamwork to ensure sustained business development for the benefit of society and the shareholders, and enhanced benefits for company employees
  Hongfa Vision
  Building global recognition for the Hongfa brand.
  Hongfa Mission
  To become a first-class relay supplier in the world.
  Operational Philosophy
  Focus on market; win by quality
  Quality Policy
  Pursue impeccable quality to win customer’s satisfaction of our products and services.
  Code of Conduct
  Honesty, Ethics, Respect, and Commitment.
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