Work in Hongfa

1.Talent Concept

The consistent talent principle of Hongfa is to ‘retain talents with career prospect, vigorous atmosphere, good pay and bonding teams’.   
-- to retain talents with career prospect
We aim to expand Hongfa business, to build up bigger stage to provide more opportunities to the talents inside the company to achieve and to attract more talents to join Hongfa.
-- to retain talents with vigorous atmosphere
Hongfa has built up vigorous atmosphere for talents internally by advocating the company culture of “Persevere for Progress; Strive for Excellence ”.
-- to retain talents with good pay
With the goal of “seeking better welfare for employees while making profit for country and shareholders”, Hongfa has built an effective and stimulating operation system to help key staff to purchase cars and departments through their own effort and the support from the company.
-- to retain talents with bonding teams
Apart from individual talent, Hongfa pays more attention to teamwork and comfortable relationship among colleagues.
2.Why choose Hongfa

The success of Hongfa today lies in the outstanding skills and selfless dedication of all Hongfa people.

Hongfa concerns both individual and occupational development. To support employees’ occupational development, Hongfa has designed a scientific and reasonable dual-track development path for them to choose from according to their interest, ability and specialty. Hongfa has also established a systematic and scientific study platform through Quality Management Institute and training systems in order to improve employees’ knowledge, skills and relevant experiences and to accelerate their growth inside the company.

Apart from attractive salary and career development, Hongfa is committed to setting up a passionate, healthy and colorful working place to attract talented people. Hongfa people are also able to enjoy their leisure time after work.

3.Career planning and promotion

Hongfa has designed a scientific and reasonable dual-track development path for employees to choose from according to their interest, ability and specialty.

Management position promotion path: Staff-- Senior Staff-- Primary Supervisor-- Middle-Level Supervisor-- Senior Executive (including senior executive of all subsidiaries and affiliated companies)

Technician position promotion path: Technician-- Assistant Engineer-- Engineer-- Deputy Chief Engineer-- Chief Engineer

4.Salary and welfare

Salary formation Basic factors Incentive factors
Salary Monthly salary
Monthly performance bonus
Annual double pay

New product development bonus
Suggestion bonus
Technical improvement bonus
Special bonus


Compulsory insurance
Housing fund
Life insurance and accident insurance
Festival allowance
Summer allowance
Free lunch
Birthday cake
Free physical examination
Free commute

House-purchasing subsidy
Interest-free loans
Equity Employee-owing equity
 Sports activities: sport meeting (every two years), basketball game and four-on-four football game every year, etc.
 Entertainment activities: annual party, singing contest, etc.
 Training courses
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