Postdoctoral workstation

   The postdoctoral workstation in Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic Co., Ltd was established at the beginning of 2014 after the approval of the then Ministry of Human Resources. It is the first postdoctoral workstation of relay industry in China.

Since its founding, 7 postdoctoral researchers have worked in the workstation. They have done researches on the following subjects: R&D of Laser Calibration Machine for JZC—33F Relay Production, Research on the Influence of Contact Materials on Relay Endurance, Reliability Analysis of Resistor Spot Welding Contact in Relay Production, Material Performance and Application Research on Ag/SnO2A Electrical Contact of Automotive Relay, Research on PBT Composite Material Injection Molding Behavior in Relay Production, Research on the Corrosion Mechanism and Preventive Measures of Copper Plating and Control Craft Research on the Consistency of Nickel Plating and Research on Relay Products Performance Consistency Based on Attractive and Inverse Force Coordination.

Up to now, 5 researchers have finished their researches and 3 of them now work in Hongfa with 1 being company-level leader and 2 being middle-level leaders.

The researches that the workstation plans to carry out include and not limited to:
1. Injection Molding Numerical Simulations
2. Computer Simulation Research on Relay Structural Design and R&D Process
3. Research on Magnetic Materials for Relays
4. Research on Elastic Materials for Relays
5. Optimization Analysis and Measurement System Research on High-frequency Relays
We also welcome postdoctoral researchers who have interest in areas such as relay and low-voltage apparatus to communicate with us and seek research projects that benefit both company fundamental research and personal development.

1. Recent doctor graduates within 2 years or doctor graduate-to-be who have passed their dissertation defense;
2. Full-time postdoctoral research in the workstation;
3. Under 40 years old.

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