Application Guide

Hongfa relay manuals include General Purpose Relay Manual, Automotive Relay Manual, Industrial Relay Manual, Latching Relay Manual and Hermetically Sealed Relay Manual based on relay classification. The General Purpose Relay Manual includes power relays and signal relays. The Automotive Relay Manual includes PCB relays, Plug-in relays and electronic modules.

General Purpose Relay Manual
The manual includes the basic information of general purpose relays, relay selection principles and application instructions. Generally, all parameters in the data sheet are the initial values measured under standard condition unless otherwise stated. Standard condition:
1) Temperature: 15℃ ~ 35℃
2) Relative humidity: 25% ~ 75%
3) Air pressure: 86kPa ~ 106kPa
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Automotive Relay Manual
Automotive relays are specifically applied to the electrical control in the automotive industry. It is a category developed with automotive electronics and electrical appliances. It is widely used to control auto start, pre-heating, air conditioning, lighting, wiper, fuel injection, oil pump, security, audio, communications, navigation, electric fan, cooling fan, electric windows, airbags, ABS, suspension and in the vehicle electronic instrument and fault diagnosis system. It is one of the most widely used automotive electronic components in the automotive products second to sensors.
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