The 20th Anniversary Celebration of Hongfa European Successfully Held



The 20th Anniversary Celebration of Hongfa European Successfully Held

The 20th anniversary celebration of Hongfa Europe was grandly held in Maintal, Germany. Ambassador Zhai Qian from the Chinese Embassy in Germany, Ms. Monika B ö ttcher, Mayor of Maintal, Ms. Anke Prätzas, Economic Promotion Bureau of Maintal, Mr. Bertram Roth from Frankfurt Rheinland, Mr. Guo Manjin, Chairman and President of Hongfa Group, leaders and colleagues from Hongfa Group headquarters, as well as other invited European clients and business partners, With about 300 members of the Hongfa European company team and their families gathered together to witness this milestone moment.


Chen Qiangqiang, General Manager of Hongfa Europe, and Li Wenwei first delivered speeches to welcome the guests attending the celebration. They stated that the development of Hongfa Europe in the European market has condensed the hard work and struggle of Hongfa people. Initially focusing on expanding the white goods industry, many achievements have been made in the transportation, industrial control, and energy industries today. On this occasion, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and greetings to our customers, the group that provides strong support and support for Hongfa Europe, the business partners who have accompanied and trusted us all the way, and all the employees and their families who have worked hard for the development of the company in various positions.



Ambassador Zhai Qian from the Chinese Embassy in Germany attended the celebration and delivered a speech, expressing congratulations on Hongfa's outstanding achievements in Europe. He said that for the past 20 years, Hongfa Group has persisted in deeply cultivating the German market, firmly integrating into the local ecology, and achieving good business performance. The success of Hongfa Group in Europe reflects the fighting spirit of Chinese enterprises embracing globalization, and is also a vivid epitome of the two-way tightening of the economic and trade ties between China and Germany, as well as the continuous complementarity and integration of industries. I hope that Hongfa Group can achieve better results in Germany and continue to contribute more to promoting economic cooperation between China and Germany.


President Guo delivered an important speech. He pointed out that the past twenty years of Hongfa Europe have been an extraordinary journey full of determination, courage, and unwavering pursuit of success. With the firm support of the group, General Manager Chen Qiangqiang and General Manager Li Wenwei led all employees of European companies to work hard, becoming a benchmark for the group's rapid growth and an important driving force for innovation and progress. He stated that in recent years, Hongfa Group has continued to expand its business scale and enhance its global influence. Hongfa Relay's global market share in sales continues to increase, and Hongfa has become a leading supplier of relay manufacturing in the world.


On a new journey, under the leadership of the group, Hongfa Europe will firmly implement the business policy of "market-oriented and quality oriented", persevere for progress; strive for excellence, continue to deeply understand the needs of European customers, always adhere to the core value of good products and services, actively promote new products in the European market, and strengthen Hongfa's business expansion in the four major industries of transportation, energy, industrial control, and consumer electronics, Continuously consolidating the leading position of European relay suppliers, striving to become a challenger in the low-voltage electrical field, and striving to contribute new strength to the development of the group.

Stefanie Heß