The 40th anniversary celebration of Hongfa Group was successfully held



The 40th anniversary celebration of Hongfa Group was successfully held

June 23, 2024

40th Anniversary Celebration of Hongfa Group's successfully held at Xiamen Strait Grand Theatre

This is a grand event full of emotion, gratitude, warmth, and honor

The atmosphere on site was lively and solemn


Senior leaders and employee representatives of Hongfa Group and various companies

Retired employees, partners, and guests

More than 6500 people gathered together

to witness the historic moment


At the meeting, Mr. Guo delivered a speech, stating that Hongfa has entered a new era of development. In accordance with the company's guiding ideology of "adhering to and promoting Hongfa's characteristics, fully implementing the '75+' strategy, striving to build strong strength, and achieving sustainable and healthy development," we will consolidate and expand the leading position of relay appliances, shift our focus to expanding the implementation of category strategies, and strive to achieve a business scale of over 20 billion yuan in the middle of the 15th Five Year Plan, and move towards higher goals, to build Hongfa into a enterprise of hundred years. The key to implementing the new strategy and achieving new goals lies in holding high the banner of Hongfa's corporate culture and firmly adhering to the path of Hongfa's distinctive development. The characteristics of Hongfa are essentially Hongfa culture. It is the wisdom crystallization of generations of Hongfa people's joint efforts, the soul of Hongfa's 40 year development, and the fundamental prerequisite for Hongfa's sustainable and healthy development in the future.

新使命发布 拷贝(1).jpg

At the celebration

We also presented grand awards for the "40 Years · 40 People" and "Hongfa People · Merit Award"

Pioneer role models and meritorious figures

Set a learning benchmark for us

Build a spiritual highland

Let's pay tribute to our role models

"40 Years · 40 People" 

"Hongfa People · Merit Award"


The celebration is presented in the form of a situational epic, divided into multiple chapters such as "The Great Development of 'Persevere for Progress; Strive for Excellence'," The Great Development of 'Winning Through Quality', "The Great Development of 'People Oriented', and Hongfa Character of “Down to Earth”. Looking back at the 40 year development path, distinctive path, and successful path of Hongfa, it tells the story of Hongfa's inspiring struggle, inspiring Hongfa people to surpass themselves and move forward courageously.

With a new mission and a century to come, the new generation of Hongfa people will take the 40th anniversary celebration as an opportunity, under the leadership of the core leadership of the group, to strengthen confidence, work together, and move forward bravely. Embark on a new era with the grandeur of Hongfa people.