● 32A switching capability

● 4kV dielectric strength (between coil and contacts, for type 1 PCB layout)

● Creepage/clearance distance: >5mm (for type 1 PCB layout)

● Flux proofed type

  • E133481
  • R50440273
  • CQC19002230674
Detailed parameters
Type HF178F
Coil voltage form DC
Coil voltage 12, 24, 48
Contact arrangement 1 Form A, 1 Form C
Contact version Single contact
Terminal type PCB
Mounting PCB-THT
Construction Flux proofed
Terminals Type 2 pcb layout, Type 1 pcb layout
Coil power Standard
Sort Single side stable
Contact capacity AgSnO2
Insulation standard Class F
Packing method Plastics packing
Rated voltage(V) 250Va.c.
Coil power Approx 1.67
Dielectric strength (between coil & contacts) (VAC 1min) Type 1 pcb layout:4000VAC 1min
Type 2 pcb layout:2500VAC 1min
Operate time(ms) 15
Release time(ms) 10
Coil resistance(Ω) 12VDC:86×(1±10%)
Creepage Distance(mm)
Electrical Distance(mm)
Insulation resistance(MΩ) 1000
Max. switching Current(AC) 35
Max. switching voltage(VAC) 277
Ambient temperature (max)(℃) -40
Ambient temperature (min)(℃) 85
Mechanical endurance min 300000
Electrial eddurance min 10000
Contact gap ≥0.5
Product Description Clapper Type Electromagnetic Relay
Application Charging pile, PV Inverter,UPS power supply, etc
Weight(g) Aporox. 16
Volume(mm³) 21.5×16×20.6
Product approval TUV,UL,CQC
File No. TUV R50440273,UL E133481,
3D Model
File name Product model and specification number Update time
HF178F-1H-type 1.stp 2019/9/16 14:23:47
HF178F-1H-type 2.stp 2019/9/16 14:23:50
HF178F-1Z-type 1.stp 2019/9/16 14:23:51
HF178F-1Z-type 2.stp 2019/9/16 14:23:48